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Alonso points up

Fernando Alonso (Alpine A522). Jeddah Corniche, Saudi Arabia. F1 2022.

Alonso is satisfied with the Alpine’s start to the season. Double points in Bahrain with the Spaniard in Q3, and double Q3 in Saudi Arabia with Ocon’s fifth and Fernando’s seventh. “In Bahrain I was in Q3, that was fine, but now we are going to a better circuit and we are even better. That’s good for us”, said the two-time Spanish champion in Jeddah after qualifying. There is room for improvement, although no steps can be taken backwards: “There is a long way to go, we learn something every time we go out and there is a lot of potential. The progress with the development can change the performance of the teams enormously, McLaren from one race to another can jump several positions and we have to be on top of that and, I hope, develop better than other rivals.

With one eye on the track, what happened outside on Friday sets the agenda for the weekend. Alonso explained the drivers’ reasons for accepting that the grand prix continue: “We are here. Once we are here, we must ensure that everyone’s safety is guaranteed. It seems that the drivers were there talking about their own safety, but what we worried about was your safety, that of the media, the mechanics, the fans, everyone. We think that the organizers and the authorities, F1, FOM, are happy with how things are now and how they have tightened everyone’s safety. We have to move forward and we hope we don’t see more things like this.”

“We know the risks we take here and we accept it”

On the dangerousness of the Jeddah Corniche track, more so after Mick Schumacher’s serious accident, Alonso trusts the FIA’s procedures: “The circuit was fast and dangerous last year and now too. The cars weigh more, also because they are more We know the risks we take here, in Monaco or in Baku, we accept it, street circuits are like that. Is it acceptable? I think so, the FIA ​​has safety standards when a circuit is homologated.”

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