Home Sports Alonso López’s career in which he felt “stolen”

Alonso López’s career in which he felt “stolen”

Alonso López's career in which he felt "stolen"

Was not Alonso Lopez for many stories after the Moto2 race at Mugello, but he kindly attended to AS to explain the chaotic film he had starred in at the Italian GP…

An attempt to pass Lowes ended with the Englishman on the ground on the first lap, and that was where everything got complicated. They sanctioned him with a long lap that he did wrong, because he stepped on the green and went out onto the gravel. Despite losing more time than normal in that action, they forced him to repeat it and by the time he wanted to resume his career he was fourteenth. In the end, he was good sixth, but with the feeling that he had lost a golden opportunity to even fight for victory.

When asked what he could say after a bad day at the office, he elaborated: “What I can say is that I sincerely believe that I did not deserve that penalty. It is a circuit where it can happen very easily and in the end it seems that this is not motorcycle racing and that we are dancers and we do not touch each other. It cannot be that in the Moto3 race in the last lap they are careful with the behavior of all the pilots. And it can’t be that because of a touch, which I think even Lowes could have avoided, but he wanted to close me down, you give me a fast lap. I have lost six seconds and you make me do another long lap because I have done it fatally. I feel a little robbed but hey, racing is like that. After the rhythm I went well and I could have even fought for the victory with Pedro. It is what it is”.

Of the disastrous first LLP attempt he made, he explained: “It’s very tricky when it comes to cornering, because you think you’re going very, very slow, but suddenly the corner closes. I braked thinking that I was going very, very slow. I let go and when I saw myself in the curve I realized that it was going to happen to me, and I passed it”.

And to finish he said that he went to speak with the English pilot, although without success: “The first thing I did was apologize to my team and then I went to apologize to Lowes. It annoys me, because he is a person I appreciate a lot, but on the track it is true that I don’t look at who is more or less a friend. It annoys me that it was just him. I don’t think it was a clean overtaking, 100% clean. I think it was fair overtaking but not punishable. If Lowes has accepted my apology? He told me that he didn’t want to talk about it. We’ll do it.”

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