‘The Plan’ continues its course and, it seems, that it is already beginning to give the first results. Fernando Alonso returned to the Formula 1 podium in Qatar, after a seven-year wait and claiming that his return to competition has not been in vain. He is prepared and, in 2022, he intends to give a lot of war. An ambition Alpine is more than delighted with, proud of his driver who, after helping Esteban Ocon to his first victory this season (stopping Hamilton’s attack in Hungary), has climbed into the box to take distance in the fight of the World Cup, passing Alpha Tauri two races from the end (They are ahead by 25 points).

Among so many good words and compliments for the Asturian, Alain Prost, Alpine’s advisor and four-time world champion, he could not be among the most surprised by Alonso’s performance. In addition, with more merit for being a track like Losail, unknown to F1 until this past weekend. Therefore, he surrenders at his feet: “For me he is the best driver on the grid. The global vision he has of the race is incredible, as well as his feeling with the tires, the comments he makes about the car and how he provides information to the engineers. “

In a statement to the German publication Auto Motor und Sport. Prost even He admits that he doubted the return of the two-time Spanish champion to Formula 1. However, his effort and all the work done throughout the year has shut our mouths and led to great changes of opinion. “Fernando has always told me that he has become a different person and I have to say that he was right. He is totally at the service of the team and that is very good for the team, “says the Frenchman, highlighting the great change in Alonso in recent years. And that is, his passage through other championships (such as the Dakar or the Indianapolis 500 ) They have made him a much more complete pilot.

With a new podium for Alpine, the team is only thinking about 2022 and the great expectations that have been generated for the great change in F1. Next season is a mystery, but, in the end, Alonso continues to trust ‘El Plan’ that has been so vitalized with his third place in Qatar. Everything seems to be rolling. “I am very happy and this is important for the team. Nobody has confidence in 2022 in Formula 1, nobody knows what will happen. We cannot compare, we have no reference to the past. The project is focused on 2022. What we have done this year is a bonus “, ditch Alain.


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