“Alonso is an animal”

David coulthard (Scotland, 50 years old) discusses with AS the fight for the World Cup of an exciting season in an event organized by Heineken. The ex-driver, who won 13 races and climbed 62 times to the podium in 246 Formula 1 grands prix, has a champion favorite for 2021 and puts himself in Alonso’s shoes to applaud his return performance.

– What do you like the most about Verstappen this season?

– What I admire about Max is that he seems impassive. It does not affect him having had very good races and other bad Sundays, like in Baku, with the tires, and at Silverstone, with Lewis. It seems capable of resetting and moving on. In a way, it reminds me of the young Fernando (Alonso), Fernando alternated victories with bad days, but he was always resilient. Max has earned his place among the world champions and now he has to win the World Cup.

– And what surprises you about Lewis, running against it?

– He is a seven-time world champion, nothing should surprise us on his part. I’ve seen amazing things from Lando Norris versus Daniel Ricciardo, or George Russell. And also Charles and Carlos at Ferrari. The future of Formula 1 is in good hands.

– Is Sainz surprising you at the level of Leclerc in your first year with Ferrari?

– No, because good pilots always are. Charles has been more consistent because he has known Ferrari for a longer time, but they are a good lineup for the future.

– Did you expect an Alonso in such good shape this year?

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– Yes, of course, because Fernando is an animal. When Michael (Schumacher) He retired and came back, he was never on the same level. But Fernando was active with the races in America, with the Dakar, and he has always been hungry. I was competing. What he has shown us in front of Ocon is that he still has his hunger and his speed. I would love to see Alpine next year with a car that, although it may not be able to fight for the title, is still at the top of the podiums.

– Is Alpine the ideal team for Fernando?

– Not right now, but he knew what he was signing. He knows the team from his time at Renault and the car may be more competitive next year.

– When is a pilot too old to race?

– Beyond forty, usually. If you look at Kimi … but Fernando is not the same. He is a fierce competitor, he has the hunger of Nigel Mansell, who won a title at the age of 40. But, without a doubt, after 40 you will no longer improve.

– Who wins in 2021?

– Max.

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