“Alonso can’t do everything with that car”

As the world continues to experience the Aston Martin explosion, Ralf Schumacher gets serious. The opinion of the brother of the mythical kaiser is clear: the advance of the march with its podium is a fact, But all that glitters is gold. The Silverstone factory is enjoying itself at its best, but like everything that goes up, its euphoria will also go down until it puts its feet on the ground. A phrase that, even from the green team, they try to emphasize. And it is that the German assumes that it is a matter of time before a blow of reality arrives. He doesn’t know when, sooner or later, but he is sure that “there will be races in which Aston Martin cannot get its full potential out of the tyres”. Which will make the big brands like Ferrari or Mercedes return to their natural position.

However, it remains to be seen when that situation will occur. And it is that, as the environment close to Lance Stroll points out, the simulator indicates that this week’s appointment, in Jeddah, gave better performance to the AMR23 than what was seen in Bahrain, where Alonso was third. Another reason to keep dreaming, even if Schumacher remembers that “they are a relatively small team” to “compete against Red Bull, who have grown a lot in their fights against Mercedes.” “Alonso can’t do everything with that car”, insists the German on his YouTube channel, surprised by the progress of those from Silverstone, who have a car with potential, but with an inexperience in front that, perhaps, I can play tricks on them.

So far, all the work this winter has paid off and they are heading in the right direction. In fact, They have already received applause from Mercedeswhich could be considered his older sisterbeing the supplier of a large part of the AMR23 (they share an engine, gearbox and rear suspension); and accusations from Red Bull for the resemblance of their cars, which, reveals the concern of the energetics for what may happen in the rest of the season. Although for Ralf there is no debate, those from Milton Keynes “are ahead of Aston Martin”, although he admits that “Alonso was really strong in the final stretch of the race with little fuel.” and “it means that the potential of the car is there”.

Who does rule out in a sudden way in the tiffosiwhich left great doubts about the reliability of his car in the first round of the year: “I don’t think Ferrari can fight for the World Cup. I think they are going to need a lot of time to close the gap and Red Bull is already quite a ways ahead. I would like them to arrive but I’m afraid it will be a rather dull season. Everything could be developed in the upper zone with a single fight between teammates ”.

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