Almost 300 million euros in custody in the IFEMA stables

Almost 300 million euros in custody in the IFEMA stables

Two IFEMA pavilions host the tenth edition of Madrid Horse Week from this Friday to Sunday, A must for horse riding fans, because in addition to all kinds of sports, it offers two World Cup events, dressage (on Friday and the final on Saturday), and jumping (the final on Sunday). But the three days there is competition so as not to miss the visit to the Madrid venue.

However, behind the noble part open to the public, both for competition and recreation, with the horse show as the epicenter, there is a closed area that is even nobler: the stable. This year it is estimated that more than 200 horses will be guarded

The stables have a great complexity when it comes to organizing, and more when such a large number of copies are gathered. For example, you have to try so that the horses can rest and be as relaxed as possible, and it is not always easy, with mares, whole horses, and geldings. And in those stables almost 300 million euros are saved during this week if one takes into account that the average price of these animals in the market ranges between one million and one and a half million euros, although there are prices that are much higher; Buying and selling is always open in the world of elite horse riding, and here there will be a very select representation due to the characteristics of the competition.


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