Almirón: “You have to put your chest up, take charge and reverse this situation”

Hard hit: “Yes, because of how the meeting took place. We knew that the approach was going to be even, a hard and physical crash. We had our options, although they were not clear. We had many approaches. Those who arrived, scored a goal for us. Even and disputed game. It is difficult to explain. There is a long way to go and I only think about getting my players back, nobody imagined this. We had the support of the people and the team left everything. We must be stronger than ever, the group has shown that it is alive. We compete and we will continue to do so”.

Only three changes: “We had three points at the end. Josan and Nico entered to put balls on the sides. We had the penalty and some more. A few minutes were given and we rushed. With the penalty everything changed because we would have ended up with a chance of winning; It’s a hard blow.”

Worst run as coach without winning in LaLiga: “If one sees it negatively, we are humiliated. The team has the posture to compete, we were always closer to winning, but it is a hard blow. We had chances to draw. Statistics tell us of the impossibility of competing and I assume this responsibility. It’s the second game we’ve lost to me. In the others we were very close to winning. That did not happen and it is difficult to explain when a defeat occurs in this way. The important thing is that the players rest for the next game against Real Valladolid”.

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Solutions: “We played a good game, trying to explain what doesn’t make sense is useless. The team feels the defeat and left everything. You suffer because you come from an inertia that hurts. There is still a lot to play for and we have to recover. In games you have to be tight and well headed. I have faith that we are going to turn this around and I have a lot of faith in this thought.”

Summary of the meeting: “We played against a very physical team. Every game has its problems. We had a good match. If we go to the details, we deserved much more and now we will prepare for what follows.”

Difference with Getafe: “The rival is armed for something else, with very good players, consolidated for a long time. Despite this, there were no big differences, only the goal that we did not score. All encounters are difficult. It was a great meeting, but it is difficult to break this negative inertia. We are closer to racing than ever before and we are now more prepared for this situation than ever before. I see positive things. Explaining an adverse outcome is quite complicated. We left everything and deserved more.”

Reaction: “The defeat hurts us all. You have to put your chest up, take charge and reverse this situation. There is still a long way to go and we will continue to prepare. We will continue down this path because the results must come”.

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