Almería leads with an iron hand

Almería rules in Segunda with an iron hand. One more day he took out a game at home with a manifest superiority only questioned by the many opportunities that remained along the way, especially for Sadiq and Curro Sánchez. Burgos only lasted a minute and a half on their feet and with the scoreboard against was not able to present opposition to Rubi’s team.

The leader paved the way too soon. As soon as he started Sadiq received between the lines, dragged the defense with him and left the entire left lane of the rojiblanco attack on Lazo. This time the Nigerian was an assistant instead of an executor and Lazo, with a soft touch with his left foot, made it 1-0 before the two minutes of play were up.

Almería produced the perfect script. In favor of work, Rubi’s is a team that feels very comfortable. Sadiq and Curro Sánchez had a couple of occasions each to extend the rent before the break. Burgos tried not to lose face to the game, but found no arguments to put Fernando on the ropes.

The Indálico ‘9’ also had the sentence at the start of the second half, but his strong and dry shot below found a level response from José Antonio Caro. The African had another occasion, who was also the key piece in an action that ended in a goal from Puigmal but that the VAR canceled due to a foul on Caro.

Shield / Flag Burgos CF

The game maintained the interest until the final seconds due to the narrowness of the scoreboard. Puigmal retaliated for the annulled goal, closing the victory of Almería well into the 94th minute. Before, cOn 90 ‘already completed, Saúl Berjón scared Rubi and his family with a shot that forced Fernando to draw a hand from his best repertoire.

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Almería remains intractable at home, where they have only given up two points out of 21. The rent on the third, Las Palmas, is already seven points. Burgos, on the other hand, continues to show their problems to see the goal and remains in a dangerous zone.


Saúl Berjón (60 ‘, Eneko Undabarrena), Pablo Valcarce (61 ‘, Guillermo), Juanma (61 ‘, Riki Rodríguez), Miquel Munoz (61 ‘, Míchel), Juanjo (70 ‘, Curro), Arnau Martinez (70 ‘, Portillo), Claudio Medina (73 ‘, Álex Alegría), Arvin appiah (76 ‘, José Carlos), Dyego sousa (85 ‘, Sadiq)


1-0, 1 ‘: Jose Carlos, 2-0, 94 ‘: Arnau Martinez


Referee: Aitor Gorostegui Fernández Ortega
VAR Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido
Elgezabal (41 ‘, Yellow) Michel (47 ‘, Yellow) Grego Sierra (50 ‘, Yellow) Curro (61 ‘, Yellow) Miquel Munoz (62 ‘, Yellow) Cesar De la Hoz (73 ‘, Yellow) Sadiq (79 ‘, Yellow) Expensive (81 ‘, Yellow) Samuel Costa (88 ‘, Yellow) Juanma (92 ‘, Yellow

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