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Almería is very serious

Almería is very serious

Almería suffered, but won, which in the end counts. For the first time in the Al-Sheikh era, he counts his two initial matches by victories, perched at the top of the rankings. Of course, it would do well to strengthen itself in what is left of the market especially in the back to avoid defensive errors that end up being the difference between success and failure. Oviedo held a meeting more than drinkable, involved at all times in the game, but condemned precisely for its failures near its area, making the rest of the locals dynamite.

Despite Oviedo playing last Sunday afternoon and Almería on Monday night, both Rubi and Ziganda continued their eleven. In the premises the novelty was the ex-carbayón Nieto, who came to the detriment of Buñuel, while Sangalli replaced Mossa after the Sangalli completed the sanction match that he dragged from last season. The duel had little or no trial and error. At twelve seconds Obeng already warned with a shot that it went wide and after four minutes the score was moving. Sadiq took advantage of an error by Jimmy in the exit of the ball to assist Lazo, that he did not get nervous placing it next to Femenías’ left stick.

Oviedo did not collapse, it tried again and again. At a quarter of an hour the defensive seams of the premises appeared. Pierre sent a great ball to David Costas after a short corner kick, leaving him with the tacos the former Almería behind in an acrobatic and effective jump for Obeng, who did not forgive to beat Fernando. Hardly without respite, the local team answered in the middle of the first act. The Sadiq-Ramazani association appeared with a wall and an excellent filtered pass from the Nigerian, David Costas taking the Belgian’s heeled shot off the goal line.

Those of Ziganda each time felt better, very well positioned on the green, costing the UDA to enter and without effectiveness when it did. Akieme had it twice. First in a rebound after Buñuel’s center, the visiting goal kicking it out with his feet. Shortly after, Sadiq did not connect a Ramazani cross, the Spanish-Equatorial Guinean side running into the ball a few meters from the rival goal, without hitting again. Sadiq did it in a corner kick played short, heading inside the meshes the center of Lazo, but Hernández Maeso signaled a lack of the ram. It was in the added time when Almería won the award. New defensive error from Oviedo, this time by Javi Mier, so that Curro Sánchez assisted Robertone and the Argentine shot to the left of Femenías, who could do little.

Rubi’s men felt comfortable with the scoreboard in their favor, defending themselves with the ball with many safety passes. Without having the number of opportunities in the first half, they did not risk too much and, therefore, Fernando lived somewhat calmer. Oviedo, yes, never lost face to the game, bordering on the equalizer in a counterattack cut by Nieto. Ziganda then moved the tree in case fruit fell with the entrance to Borja Bastón by Viti in search of more mordant.

The locals asked for a penalty by hand in an individual play by Ramazani, reviewing the VAR of the play. Those of Ziganda were far from the goal, but they already know that both in life and in football the prize can come through the long or short road. Or directly not arrive. What happened to Oviedo because there was not even the typical final arreón, perhaps the result of fatigue. Who did appear, again, in the last minutes was Femenías, disrupting a strong shot from Sadiq after a quick transition of his own. It was not the day of Kaduna, who in the discount saw another goal canceled in the discount, this time due to offside. But unlike in the past, Almería managed the last minutes well to take the three points again four days later, although without as much brilliance as in Cartagonova. Rubi’s men will defend the lead on Sunday next week in Lezama, while Oviedo will host Tenerife on Saturday 28.

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