Almansa: “We are excited that they compare us with the gold juniors”

Izan Almansa (Murcia, 06-07-2005) achieved his third medal with Spain and his third MVP in Debrecen (Hungary). The new center of the Ignite of the G-League has so far won two gold medals, one world in the Under-19 category and another European in the Under-18 category, and the world silver Under-17.

What does this title mean?

Very happy. Last year we had the opportunity to win the Under-17 (lost final to USA) and this year, along with some classmates, we have been able to take our revenge. We are very happy and proud of what we have done.

This team is already being talked about as another golden generation, like the new golden juniors. How do they live it?

That they compare us with them makes us excited. Achieving what they did so long ago motivates us to keep working and to dream that one day we can be like them. We are very excited.

With three MVPs and three medals, he has generated a lot of expectations. How is he doing?

Well, although I admit that at the beginning of the championship I was a bit nervous, but in the end it was me, I played the game I always play, I trusted my teammates and the coaches and everything turned out well.

Are you prepared for what is coming?

I am excited, but also prepared.

Including the NBA?

Also. There’s still a long way to go, but I’m excited to work this year, see how I’m doing and enter the draft next year.

Last year he was awarded the MVP Pau Gasol award, this year it was Dirk Nowitzki, who do you want to be awarded the next?

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I would like it to be Giannis Antetokounmpo, but I am very happy to have received the award from two myths like them.

How was the night of celebration?

We have celebrated what we could. It was Sunday and everything was closed, but we kept each other company, with family, friends… Today we are going to celebrate.

What is the key of this team?

We all knew what the objective was and we didn’t care how many points we scored, if we played more or less… We have all worked with the same objective.

Where do you see yourself in the draft?

I can compete against the best of the generation, but I have to keep working.

In the round of 16 game they finished 102-20, how many people have called them bullies?

(Laughter) A lot. But we only go out to play our game, to defend how we do it, because it is our hallmark. In the end it came out like this, but it was not with any bad intentions.

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