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All the rubbish of Rubiales’ AFE comes to light

Luis RubialesPresident of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), is facing one of the most delicate moments of his professional career after complaints about his inappropriate behavior came to light humiliation towards women in the labor scene.

Tamara Ramos raises her voice

Tamara Ramosformer director of the Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE), has denounced inappropriate attitudes de Rubiales to her a decade ago when she worked under him. Humiliation, mockery of their work and derogatory remarks about their appearance are the order of the day, the specialist said.

inappropriate comments

Rubiales’ comments are far from appropriate for a work environment They bordered on bullying. Ramos recounts how Rubiales used disparaging references to her and even made references to her underwear. Behavior that would be unacceptable in any situation.

The world of football and the role of women

Tamara Ramos highlights that Difficulty being a woman a predominantly male environment in the world of football. The former director of AFE points out that dealing with such a situation is particularly difficult when you belong to a minority and the attacker is in a position of power.

sorry in question

After the recent incident with Jennifer NiceSpain national team player Rubiales has issued a public apology. However, Ramos questions sincerity of those words, suggesting they are more of an attempt to protect his image than a genuine act of remorse.

call to action

The role of women in football and in the sporting world in general is constantly evolving. Ramos demands more women occupy management positionsand thus change the mentality and culture of the king of sport in Spain.

consequences and reactions

Prominent voices, like that of the Vice President Yolanda Diaz and the prime minister Pedro Sanchezhave condemned Rubiales’ attitude and called for responsibility and his possible resignation. Organizations and sports associations have also spoken out and expressed their opposition to such behavior.


Luis Rubiales’ behavior has become the focus of attention need for transformation in the world of Spanish football. Machist attitudes and behaviors rooted in the past must be eradicated so that this sport, which is the passion of many people, is also an example of respect and fairness.

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