All the controversies about the Kohinoor diamond are fictional stories

Charles III was inaugurated as Britain’s 40th king on Saturday. Earlier, Buckingham Palace announced that the Kohinoor diamond will not be used in this event. The Kohinoor diamond has been associated with several dynasties; The history and beauty of death and destruction are intertwined. This gem has been stolen many times. It has been fought over. The 105 carat oval Kohinoor is the most controversial and talked about diamond in the world. News from BBC Bengal

The precious diamond has changed hands many times. In the middle of the 19th century it came under British occupation. It has passed through the hands of Mughal Shahzadas, Iranian warriors, Afghan rulers and Punjabi Maharajas and has been placed in the Tower of London. The diamond was the special property of Queen Victoria. He mainly wore it as a brooch. But the gem later became part of the Crown Jewels.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022, Kohinoor came into discussion again. Many Indians took to social media to demand the return of the diamond.

All the fictional stories around Kohinoor

When the Kohinoor came into the hands of the then Governor General of India in 1849, he prepared to send it to Queen Victoria. How valuable the diamond is, also thought to present it to the queen.

Although many consider Kohinoor to be one of the most valuable diamonds in India, researchers have found that when the 190.3 carat Kohinoor was taken to Britain, two other diamonds similar to it were found. One is the Darya-e-Noor, meaning Sea of ​​Light (175-195 carats) and the other is the Orlov diamond (189.9 carats) known as the Great Mughal Diamond. When the Kohinoor returned to Punjab in the 19th century, it began to garner the title of the greatest diamond.

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Many believe that the real Kohinoor may have been perfect. Another important point is that the Kohinoor is not the world’s largest diamond, nor is it anywhere close to the world’s largest diamond. Its position is 90th. Many claim that Kohinoor was found in the Kollur mines of India in the 13th century. But this cannot be confirmed.

Apart from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran have been claiming this diamond as their own. Analysts say the diamond is a ‘symbol of the hegemony of the victorious British Empire’. However, the history and controversy surrounding this diamond will continue. The Kohinoor diamond was not used in King Charles’ coronation due to controversy.

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