Home Tech All the benefits of the new EU reparations law for consumers

All the benefits of the new EU reparations law for consumers

Apple Does Not Repair iPhones Marked as Lost or Stolen

The European Union already requires companies to provide at least a two-year warranty on common appliances and electronics such as smartphones, but the new rules impose additional requirements.

According to the new right to repair measures, If a consumer chooses to have their device repaired under the warranty, it must be extended for another year. Consumers can also request a replacement device during repairs and, if the device cannot be repaired, have the right to choose a refurbished device as an alternative.

When a product warranty expires, Companies are obliged to repair devices at a “reasonable price”.« in order not to intentionally discourage consumers from repairing the item. Manufacturers are also prohibited from using it “Hardware or software-related barriers to repair”including preventing the use of used, compatible and 3D printed spare parts by independent repairers as long as they comply with EU laws.

Aside from that, Manufacturers cannot refuse to repair a product solely for economic reasons or because it was previously repaired by someone else. Companies must publish information about their repair services, including indicative prices for the most common repairs.

The legislation will come into force following formal approval by the Council, with the policy taking effect 20 days after publication.

Some manufacturers, such as Apple, are likely to be affected by the legislation, particularly for certain iPhone components that, if replaced with an unofficial third-party component, may not be recognized by the iPhone’s system software. The wording of the new EU rules suggests that this will no longer be allowed.

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