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All of Brazil wants the World Cup for O Rei Pelé

The news coming from Brazil around the figure of O Rei Pele They couldn’t be more daunting. The Brazilian legend, who for a year fight cancer, would already be in palliative care after not responding to chemotherapy treatment. Without a doubt, information on which the world is now focused.

Someone as great as O Rei Pelé could not choose another moment to rest in peace. The greatest legend in the history of the World Cups is going to leave us in full Qatar World Cup 2022. That yes, the ‘Canarinha’ full of illusion with being able to obtain a new coronation and be the best tribute.

King Pelé's health continues to worsen
O King Pelé keeps the world on edge

The health of O Rey Pelé keeps the world in expectation

Let’s remember that Pelé was world champion in 1958, 1962 and 1970. In 1966, when England won, an injury shattered the hopes of all of Brazil. Since then he has always been considered the best player in history, with only Maradona putting that status at risk.

There would not be a better tribute than to see Brazil winning its sixth World Cup in Qatar 2022. Surely the news falls like a jug of cold water in the call for the Seleçao and the crooked Brazilian displaced to Qatari lands. Neymar, Vinicius and company will put all the meat on the grill to pay homage in the best way to O Rei Pelé, the best player in the history of the World Cups.

Neymar and company hope to give him a title in tribute to legend

The first meeting will be next Monday, in the round of 16, against South Korea. If Neymar was fighting with all his might to recover from the injury, now he will do it with all the more reason. In any case, the expectation is high for what may happen in the next few hours, since the death of the Brazilian legend would undoubtedly overshadow the World Cup event in Qatar.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with the health of O Rei Pelé, who could give the saddest note in the coming days. All of Brazil and the world remain expectant and the motivation now for Canarinha will be oriented to give a world title to what is considered the best footballer of all time.

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