The 11 people who were on board the plane that crashed on Wednesday died in a forest in central Cameroon, state radio CRTV said on Thursday.

The plane, chartered by a private company in charge of maintaining hydrocarbon pipelines, had on board "eleven people, and all died in the tragedy", said the CRTV presenter.

"Firefighters worked hard to get to the site, but unfortunately there are no survivors"confirmed to AFP a person in charge of the Ministry of Transport, who requested anonymity.

The plane, whose type and make were not made public, was connecting Yaoundé Nsimalen airport with Belabo, in the east of the country.

It was located in the forest near Nanga Eboko, about 150 km northeast of Yaoundé, according to the Ministry of Transport.

The plane had been chartered by the Cameroon Oil Transportation Company SA (COTCO), a company in charge of maintaining an oil pipeline between Cameroon and Chad.


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