Alita Battle Angel 2: The film slips badly

Will happen, won’t happen? The feature film by SF leaded by Robert Rodríguez and produced by James Cameron is in full Gaussian blur. If the first film, which was released in cinemas in 2019, succeeded in delighting press and audience critics, the box office was clearly not up to the challenge Disney since Nur 400 million dollars were collected on a global scale for the modest sum 170 million budget without marketing costs. Still, Jon Landau, Robert Rodriguez and all the stars of the first film (Edward Norton, Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz) demanded that the big-eared company begin work on a sequel. This summer in an interview for Forbes, James Cameron had advanced the schmilblick and everyone thought it was an underlying confirmation ofAlita 2 :

“As for Avatar, I work in Wellington and Los Angeles. And I’ll be working in Austin for the new Alita films. (Austin is the location of Troublemaker Studios, owned by Robert Rodriguez)

Despite this ” Formalization“There is no information that we can have yet Alita 2 Because Jon Landau conducted a rather brief interview and appeared to have walked back his statements, arguing that he was simply ” Continue the work you have started on the saga » without confirming the statements of James Cameron in July. Be continued.

“I’m very proud of the first film, especially because we produced it at the same time as Avatar. Robert and I were very excited on that set and James Cameron, who was also there, got to be there. One night Alita came on HBO and James was watching it; He called me right after and said, “Jon, Alita was on the show tonight so I wanted to see it. It’s a good movie.” And that is the case! I want to do a lot more in this universe.”

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