Alita: Battle Angel 2 is fast approaching

The fault of a barely decent box office was left in suspense for a long time ($ 405 million in revenue), many fans are asking for the construction of a Alita: Battle Angel 2. The nice cyborg woman movie ended on a massive cliffhanger, where Alita (Rosa Salazar) declare war on Nova (Edward Norton) during his victory in the motor ball.

Everyone seems ready to re-stack, Christopher Waltz (Ido) to the filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Rosa salazar, the interpreter of the character, has also announced to be able to play Alita “Until his last breath”. The 53-year-old director is hoping that Fox’s buyout by Disney and the fact that he took care of The Book of Boba Fett will allow him to be seen well on the side of the firm with the big ears. In any case, if Rodriguez is still hot to start the movie, he can count on the weight support of James cameron, producer of the first part. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, in full promotion of the future series Star Wars, Rodriguez confessed that the project was going to be discussed with James cameron to assess its feasibility:

“Jim [James Cameron, ndlr] and I talked about it recently, and we’re still interested. I told him, “Let me deliver Boba and then let’s decide on a story. “”

Tweets #AlitaSequel are jostling and the official petition asking for the continuation gathers for the moment 175,000 signatures. The ” Alita army “ is increasing the number of advertising inserts to promote their campaign. If the fans move, it’s because John Landau, one of the producers, assured CinemaBlend that the fans had to mobilize en masse so that Disney change your mind about Alita 2.

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For The Book of Boba Fett, it will be necessary to wait until December 29, 2021 on Disney +.

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