Aliskerov Surges to Top, Stole Chimaev’s Throne from Unranked to Elite

Not long ago, Ikram Aliskerov’s life was calm. He had a fight scheduled against Antonio Trocoli, which seemed like a formality in his promotion to the middleweight division of the UFC. However, a strong rumor emerged on the 14th that Khamzat Chimaev was ill and would be unable to fight Robert Whittaker, who was scheduled to fight a week later. This, combined with the cancellation of fights like Conor McGregor’s, forced Dana White to act quickly.

The owner of the UFC contacted Ikram, and the Russian fighter went from having an unranked fight to taking Chimaev’s place in the main event. Winning this fight would mean going from not having a spot in the middleweight rankings to rising to number three, leaving him one more fight to qualify for an option for the division title. As a complete fighter with six victories by KO and five by submission, a victory against Robert Whittaker, who lost to Du Plessis (current UFC middleweight champion) by TKO in 2023, does not seem far-fetched.

Ikram Aliskerov looks to do it again in the UFC main event, as he faces Robert Whittaker in a litmus test to prove his worth. However, there is another reality – Ikram’s problem is that he has to fight continuously.

Although Khamzat Chimaev uploaded a photo in the hospital to his social networks, making it clear that his state of health was not optimal to fight, it seems that Dana White has a message for him. It must be remembered that since arriving at the UFC in 2020, Chimaev has been involved in several canceled fights due to health problems, visa problems, and weight cutting problems.

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Coincidence or not, Ikram’s only defeat in his entire career was against Chimaev after an incredible KO. Now, the roles have been changed, and it is Ikram who occupies the media spotlight and has the title within reach. Meanwhile, Chimaev remains stuck at the company, and some MMA journalists even talk about a possible retirement due to these health problems.

Ikram Akiskerov is destined to leave his mark on the company, and next Saturday he will face a challenge to prove it. Robert Whittaker is a UFC legend, former champion of the division, and one of the best fighters in the history of his weight. However, there is another reality – Ikram has to fight continuously.

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