More than 500 attendees at the first Aliexpress Sellers Conference in Madrid. Estela Ye, executive director of the marketplace for Spain, Italy and France, showed his excitement as it was the first event that the company has held since the pandemic began.

Although they could not be physically at the Goya Theater, Mingqiang Wang, Global CEO of the company; and William Wang, general manager in Spain, wanted to convey in a message that “Aliexpress is a giant, but it is a nearby giant that wants to support the digitization of local businesses so that they not only sell to other Spanish consumers, but to consumers around the world.”

After the great reception of the physical store that has just opened in Leganés, the second in Madrid and the fifth in Spain, the company plans to increase its workforce in order to offer a better service to customers. local sellers, shorten delivery times with new logistics solutions, and continue to invest in training so that sellers can take full advantage of all the tools that Aliexpress offers.

In case you missed it … relive it

The future of retail

Laureano Turienzo, President of the Spanish Association of Retail, He was responsible for making a brief review of the past, present and future of the sector. “Since the first online transaction was carried out 27 years ago – with the purchase of a Sting record – consumer habits have never changed so violently and quickly. The pandemic has accelerated digitization and has brought into it a type of consumer that we did not expect. My father, for example, did not know what WhatsApp was and he has learned to use Zoom to be able to see his grandson ”, commented.

In addition, Turienzo dared to speak of the future. He talked about how “the caged savings that have occurred during the months of confinement, the rise of the middle class – especially in Asia -, the “singlerization” of households and the fact that by 2050 40.2% of the population will be over 65, they will define what is to come “. In fact, many brands such as Ikea or Inditex are already taking these data into account, which will set the trends for a not too distant tomorrow and, without a doubt, consumer habits as well. “The largest store in the world that fits in your pocket”, As defined by ecommerce.

About Aliexpress, he was very clear. “Alibaba will be the world’s third largest economy by 2030 ”. The app from retail with the largest market share, 74 billion in transactions in 2020, according to data from Ignacio Zunzunegui, Marketing Manager of the marketplace, already has more than 8,000 sellers local and 10 million users per month only in Spain.

Only 36 days to go Single day, 11.11

“We want to turn 11/11 into a true social phenomenon, at the height of Black Friday.” With this ambitious objective, Zunzunegui reviewed the data of 11.11.2020, when the presence of international products increased by 600% and more than 800 Spanish companies participated in what has already become one of the benchmark events for the marketplace.

In this sense, Jaime Porta, CEO of Padeco Global and official tutor of the program Navigator from Aliexpress, presented the “Secret Bible to Win on 11/11”, in which he mentioned the importance of categorizing products correctly and, above all, taking advantage of the analytical tools that Aliexpress offers when choosing the products to be promoted. “This is not an arrival today and tomorrow I will blow it up. This is a marathon that you have to prepare every day”.

For this 2021 the goal is “expand the budget to prioritize location, that is, the presence of Spanish companies”, They assured from the company. “All of our salespeople must know the tools we offer so that they can get closer to their customers in the best possible way. The numbers tell us that on 11.11 sales increase by 10. It is an opportunity that local companies cannot miss ”. In this sense, Aliexpress is going to invest a million euros in training so that the sellers can get the most out of the platform because, as stated by Zunzunegui, “Aliexpress is not the future, it is a reality and the sooner you are here, the sooner you can reach more users”.

New logistics solutions

Aliexpress will make available to its sellers “A reliable, fast and stable service for the collection and distribution of orders throughout the peninsula”, He assured Daniel Salgueiro Roche de Cainiao, the logistics company of the Alibaba group and partner of GLS Spain. The sellers They may request this service at any time of the day, in such a way that orders created in the system before 11:00 p.m. on the same day will be collected at the door of the seller’s business by the logistics operator GLS Spain during the next day. working days and will be delivered to the final consumer within three working days. The service will be available, except for the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands, with prices starting at 3 euros per package.

As a launch promotion, orders managed through this service between October 5, 2021 and March 31, 2022, will benefit from a discount of 0.5 euros per order, which includes orders corresponding to the next big discount party of the chinese giant, the 11.11, as well as Back Friday and Christmas, the most important events for him ecommerce.

Public administrations with the ecommerce

In addition to the presence of Manuel Llamas Fragas, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Community of Madrid, who was in charge of opening the event, Ángel Niño, Councilor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council, was responsible for delivering the prizes in one of the four categories to the best sellers of 2021 on Aliexpress in Spain. After the delivery, Niño took advantage of his turn to speak to affirm that “the world has changed, and this company is undoubtedly one of the main players. Aliexpress has brought electronic commerce closer to the people of Madrid and to the citizens of the whole world ”.


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