Alicia Keys will premiere a musical in New York inspired by her own story

The American singer Alicia Keys will premiere at the end of this year in New York a musical called “Hell’s Kitchen”, the name of the neighborhood in which she grew up in the vicinity of Times Square, as announced Thursday by The Public Theater company.

As the Grammy winner told The New York Times, the play is inspired by her own story and is about a young woman who is “testing her limits” and She experiences a series of encounters with important people who will influence who she will become as an adult.

The Public Theater, in a press release, reveals that the musical stars a 17-year-old girl named Ali who falls in love with a drummer, leading her and her mother to face “hard truths” about issues of race, rebellion and growth.

“Ali feels trapped until the sound of a neighbor playing the piano opens the door for her. to an unexpected friendship and a radically different future”indicates the company’s note, which will offer the functions between October 24 and December 10.

Alicia Keys is in charge of the music and lyrics of this musical that has luxury artists: it will be directed by Michael Greig and choreographed by Camille A. Brown, nominated for a Tony Award for theater, and will have a script by Kristoffer Diaz, finalist playwright of the Pulitzer Prize.

The protagonist will be an emerging actress, Maleah Joi Moon, and in the role of her parents will be two well-known Broadway performers, Shoshanna Bean and Brandon Victor Dixon.

“Hell’s Kitchen,” says The Public Theater, will include some of Keys’ most famous songs, but also new songs written for the play, which the Times says has a cast of 20 and the company’s biggest budget to date.

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