Alice Crypto: The next Axie Infinity?

Combining video games and blockchain, the MyNeistantAlice project is part of a booming sector. For some observers, the Alice crypto could become the future Axie Infinity.

The MyNeistant Alice project is now showing particular promise. Let’s see here what is behind this game of a new genre. If the craze seems to be real, we will also seek to ask ourselves if it can last over time. And eventually settle as one of the top 100 crypto stocks.

The MyNeistantAlice Project: Késako?

The project focuses on two booming cryptocurrency sectors: NFTs and video games. The project is actually a multi-player construction game blockchain-based. It revolves in particular around a virtual market through which players can exchange land or any other object available in the game. Each parcel of the game is then represented by an NFT (Non Fungible Token).

Good to know : Until this evening, the platform is accessible to holders of the ALICE token in a pre-alpha version. A version that allows you to test the introductory chapter of the game. To access this version, you will also need a Steam account and a Chromia Vault account.

Zoom on the Alice crypto price

The following graph shows the evolution of the price of the Alice crypto since it was put on the market. A chart which takes as the first known price the threshold of 42 € but which should not make us forget that the Alice crypto was introduced at 0.10 USD on the Binance platform on March 15. From the first minute of trading, the asset had then soared close to 60 dollars. That is an increase of 60,000%.

This extremely strong increase at the time of the listing had given way to a strong correction phase. On April 23, after more than a month of listing, the token is exchanged between users for just over € 5. Or a division of the course by more than 8 compared to the highest level recorded. A division to be put into perspective with regard to the first known price of $ 0.10.

After the peak of May 1 which will bring the asset again close to the threshold of 20 dollars, the trend will be generally bearish until the end of August. The token will subsequently see its price skyrocket from $ 5 to $ 15 between July 20 and 29, at a time when the cryptocurrency market seems to re-engage the forward movement, like the price of Bitcoin. . At the end of August the Alice crypto then trades at more than $ 22 per token before experiencing a new phase of correction. At the time of writing, a token is trading for $ 11.80. Over the past 24 hours, the token has seen its price climb by nearly 15%.

A Future à la Axie Infinity?

A Future à la Axie Infinity?It’s hard not to make the connection between Axie Infinity and MyNeistantAlice. The two platforms are both established on the theme of video games by using non-fungible tokens. Anyway, if the association seems to be done naturally, nothing bodes the same fate. Today, Axie Infinity’s AXS token is listed at around $ 76. In terms of marketcap Axie Infinity is at the gates of the top 30 of the largest crypto projects. Not yet the case for MyNeitherAlice which is now 170th.

If we trust the prediction algorithms, the project still looks promising. Depending on the models deployed by DigitalCoinPrice, the ALICE token could appreciate further by the end of the year. With a price estimate established at more than 16 dollars for the end of 2021. In the longer term, the trend also seems to be a continuation of the rise. Thus, DigitalCoinPrice estimates that a token could see its price double by 2022.

At the house of WalletInvestor, we also seem to cultivate this dose of optimism. Although more cautious, the platform’s models estimate that a token could be worth more than $ 17 by 2025. Other measurement methods based in particular on Google searches or Facebook interactions estimate that the asset presents an uptrend. With a target price of around $ 18. Either way, some form of bullish consensus seems to exist around the project.

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