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Alibaba.com presents new services in Spain


Alibaba.com, one of the leading international B2B marketplaces, announces the availability of two new services in Spain. Is about Premium Sponsored Ads And Verified supplier This will contribute to promoting the digitalization and internationalization of Spanish companies by facilitating their activities in B2B electronic commerce.

Premium Sponsored Ads

Alibaba.com is an e-commerce platform aimed at businesses more than 40 million active buyers and operates in more than 200 countries and regions. For a brand to stand out from the crowd in this market more than 400,000 inquiries daily When it comes to products, it is advisable to carry out various measures, including a wide range of advertising solutions, from brand awareness to performance.

In this sense, Premium Sponsored Ads are one of the advertising solutions for sellers who want to build a strong brand position while benefiting from the business solution. With the Premium Sponsored Ads Sellers can buy a specific keyword and have the guarantee that their ads linked to one or a product carousel will always appear in the first position of search results. With our premium format, brands benefit from additional visibility and can achieve high visibility to target buyers.

In this sense, the possibility of investing in the premium sponsored ads category on Alibaba.com makes it easier for a product linked to a word to appear as the first search result. Brands only need to purchase the keywords they are interested in to achieve high search visibility on Alibaba.com. In addition, different products can be included in the same ad.

Membership as a “Verified Supplier”.

The most exclusive membership on Alibaba.com Verified Supplier is now available in Spain. The “Verified Supplier” rating maximizes a brand’s visibility. This type of membership is aimed at companies with the following goals:

  • Highlight the brand’s exclusivity even within Alibaba.com.
  • Instantly establish yourself as a top seller on Alibaba.com.
  • Large companies that have a strong presence and want to stand out from the competition.

«Supplier digitalization is becoming increasingly important as B2B buyers place more orders online. With this in mind, Alibaba.com makes B2B e-commerce easier for sellers around the world. world and connects them with new customers and also provides them with the necessary tools to do business on a global scale, such as: B. the new services in Spain premium sponsorship ads and membership as a verified supplier“, he explains Arianna Iseppi, Business Development Manager of Alibaba.com for Spain.

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