Alibaba also gets on the chatbot bandwagon

The boom of the chatbot It has embarked on a new competitive race for big tech. Now, Alibaba has also announced that it is working on its own AI. A spokesman for the company has stated in statements to the CNBC who are internally testing a ChatGPT style technologybut, for the moment, it has not disclosed when it will reach the public, nor in what way they will incorporate it into their products and services.

“Frontier innovations, such as large language models and generative AI, have been our focus areas since DAMO’s formation in 2017”has declared the spokesman. GIVE is Alibaba’s research division focused on artificial intelligence, data computing, and robotics.

“As a technology leader, we will continue to invest to turn cutting-edge innovations into value-added applications for our customers and their end users through cloud services”has detailed the alibaba spokesperson to the CNBC about the project.

In a 2023 in which layoffs in big tech already exceed 100,000 employees, these companies have fully immersed themselves in ChatGPT. Last week both Google as Baidu announced the launch of their own chatbots in the style of ChatGPT.

By your side, Microsoft has chosen to partner with OpenAI and use its ChatGPT tool in its Bing search engine. A few days ago, the company also announced the launch of a new version of its Bing browser that integrates ChatGPT and also the Edge browser with features powered by OpenAI artificial intelligence.

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