Alia Bhatt recently took seven rounds with Ranbir Kapoor. After marriage, now this power couple is busy with her work. Both Ranbir and Alia want to finish their projects as soon as possible. But in the meantime, a video about Alia Bhatt is going viral on social media, which will surprise everyone. Actually, in this video, she is not Alia Bhatt but the double of her, who is seen as the second Alia Bhatt by people. This video of Alia Bhatt’s double has shaken social networks.

It wouldn’t hurt to say that even Ranbir Kapoor would be taken aback if he saw this girl once, because how can someone be so alike? In the video of Alia Bhatt’s doppelganger that went viral on social media, that girl is seen wearing the look of Gangubai Kathiawadi. Along with this, she is also seen dancing on top of Dilgane. This video is proving to be very successful in winning over people’s hearts. Alia Bhatt fans are very surprised to see this similar video. In the video she looks exactly like Alia, anyone will be fooled at first sight.

Commenting on this video, fans write: Alia Alia. On the other hand, another social media user wrote: Another Alia Bhatt. Let us tell you that the double of Alia Bhatt seen in the video is from Assam, who often shares the videos of her on Instagram, had appeared. After Alia Bhatt’s work front, she will soon be seen in Brahmastra with her husband Ranbir Kapoor.


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