Alia Bhatt gave this answer to Kapil Sharma’s question about ‘Do you smell and make a boyfriend?

You know how much fun Kapil Sharma is. His sense of humor didn’t respond. This is why people are crazy about his comedy. The same style of Kapil Sharma is seen with the guests who came on The Kapil Sharma Show. This time over the weekend, the RRR team had come to the Kapil Sharma show, which had a blast. Along with Alia Bhatt, Jr. NTR and Ram Charan, the film director SS Rajamouli also came to the show and in Masti Hi Masti, Kapil Sharma met Alia Bhatt, who asked him such a question, upon hearing that all the swans got angry. of laughter. But where Alia was too low, she also stopped talking about Kapil Sharma by giving her a funny answer.

Kapil Sharma had asked Alia Bhatt, who came to the show, that you are very attracted to the fragrance of the boys. So do you make your boyfriend smell them? About this, Alia Bhatt was very shy at first. But then, with great understanding, he gave an amused reply to Kapil Sharma. Alia Bhatt said in response to this question that she is attracted to fragrances.

These days the protagonists of the RRR movie are busy promoting it. However, due to the increase in Corona cases, the film’s release date has been postponed. Previously, this film was due to premiere on January 7, but due to Corona, the decision is being made to close theaters and this is the reason why the filmmakers have postponed its release. Although the new release date has not been specified. At the same time, for the promotion of RRR, the actors who came to the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show had a lot of fun.

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