Algeria: diplomatic quarrel continues with France

The tension between Algiers and Paris continues after the remarks allegedly held Emmanuel Macron with regard to the descendants of families from the Algerian war relayed by the World.

Words that continue to speak. While President Macron received descendants of fighters from the Algerian war at the palace of theElysium, certain words picked up by our colleagues from around the world – not denied by the presidency – and relayed in an article caused a diplomatic incident whose escalation continues to continue. Algeria notably closed its airspace to French military planes, putting de facto in difficulty the soldiers of the operation Barkhane. For its part, France had also announced, a few days earlier, to halve the number of visas granted to Algeria.

The statements attributed to President Macron were perceived by the Algerian leadership as so much disrespect for the power in place“, explains Slimane Zeghidour, columnist at TV5 Monde. Emmanuel Macron would also have returned to the memorial questions: The post-1962 Algerian nation was built on a memory rent (…) a discourse which, it must be said, is based on a hatred of France“. Words far removed from those that the head of theEFrench state during his visit to Algiers in 2017 while he was in the presidential campaign. A change of course that has been denounced by his political opponents, who see it as an electoral strategy.

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