Home Sports Alfaro’s Ecuador won and dreams of Qatar 2022

Alfaro’s Ecuador won and dreams of Qatar 2022

Alfaro's Ecuador won and dreams of Qatar 2022

Gustavo Alfaro’s Ecuador climbed to third place with 20 points in the date 13 of the South American qualifiers, after defeating Venezuela 1-0 in Quito with a goal by Piero Hincapié.

El Tri had to fight against a Vinotinto that, knowing eliminated, took risks and was aggressive, so the game was a round trip.

The injuries, suspensions and the low level of some footballers forced Alfaro to turn to young people like Hincapié, Caicedo, Plata, Sarmiento and Reasco, that do not exceed 23 years. And the last two played their first matches with the Tri shirt.

Venezuela exhibited two details of attention for the Argentine public, since one of his defenders, Nahuel Ferraresi, is the son of Adolfo “Pocho” Ferraresi, a scorer who emerged in Ferro who passed through Villa Dálmine and Chacarita, and developed most of his career in the ’80s and early’ 90s in Venezuela.

AND Junior Leonardo Moreno, son of Carlos Horacio Moreno, entered the complement, that in Argentina debuted in Almagro and then he went through his entire career in Venezuelan teams, until he managed the Venezuelan national team in 1989.

Ecuador stood in a dominant position, while Venezuela, also with many casualties, adopted a studious attitude until Rincón changed front for Rosales, who overflowed and threatened with a cross, but hit the near post, forcing an intervention by Alexander Domínguez, who managed to clear the goal. danger.

The offensive attitude of Ecuador and the lack of pressure in Venezuela generated a round trip. Reasco kicked from 35 meters and the ball went just over the crossbar.

At 40 minutes, Plata executed a free kick, Hincapié headed and anticipated Romo. The VAR had to decide if there was an offside and if the former Talleres had touched it with his hand. After almost five minutes, the goal was validated.

After the break, Ecuador looked more confident, but Venezuela showed self-confidence. A Machis free kick went very close to the crossbar.

In the changes, Alfaro looked for fresh air, reinforce the midfield and tie Venezuela, while Leo González changed his entire forward as an incentive for his leaders to seek a tie. The minutes went by with actions in front of the two goals, until the final whistle arrived.

On the next date, Ecuador will go to Santiago to play against Chile, while Venezuela will host Peru.


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