Alexis Sánchez puts a final condition on Valencia CF

Much has referenced a part of the Italian press in the possibility of a close exit of the Chilean international Alexis Sanchez, which has several teams of The league situated in their dispute, including the Valencia CF. But for this issue to end up being certified, the player himself has formally requested a petition, and it is his ownership.

He does not intend to jeopardize the status earned in a team that seems to have found a perfect gear. To do this, Gonçalo Guedes’s exit plan must be kept standing, which due to his characteristics and movements within the field would be his greatest danger. In such a way that the acceptance of the sale of Portuguese depends on this movement being carried out, or at least that’s how it is being referenced right now.

Many things play in favor of the operation, first Peter Lim’s desire to sell, then the quality of the Chilean, and finally Bordalás’s request. Not to mention that Alexis continues to hope to compete at the highest level in Europe before returning to his native South America where many would fight to have him back.

Gonçalo Guedes, as he is well known, is very close to the exit, and there is no way to sustain it. They did it while they could and it is now that this reference gives the final stitch. The value of the former FC Barcelona token is 5 million euros, which, although complicated, would come as a result of some additional sales and the savings from paying them.

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The English club has presented an offer whose value is not known. They want at all costs to keep the figure of the Portuguese international as a replacement for one of the attacking pieces that will leave the team in the summer. Whether it is Mané, Salah or Firmino, they all end their contract in 2023, which if not endorsed will enter a complex terrain.

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