Home Tech Alexa turns 3 in Spain: these are her impressive numbers

Alexa turns 3 in Spain: these are her impressive numbers

Alexa turns 3 in Spain: these are her impressive numbers

On November 6th, Alexa will be 3 years old in Spain and 7 in the United States.

Since birth, her knowledge and intelligence have grown, and as a result, Alexa already adds more than 6,000 million interactions with Spanish users in these three years and received over 5 million “I love you” just last year.

During those first three years, Alexa users grew enormously, 90% from last year in particular.

In the last 12 months alone, more than 3.5 billion interactions were made between Spanish users and Alexa, of which 34% have more than one device connected at home.

Alexa managed to find a place in the daily lives of Spanish users, helping in many ways in all kinds of tasks. proof of this are the 11 million reminders programmed by Alexa last year, the 88 million times that the Spaniards asked him about the Weather forecast and the 39 million of occasions when they made it into the news.


Alexa was also needed 183 million times to schedule one alarm or one stopwatchwhile you defined 402 million from routines last year.

In that time, Alexa got smarter and also most Spanish, and learned, for example, to recognize accents, what are the holidays, our main sayings and sayings, and is a true football expert.

Alexa both tells jokes about Jaimito and recites a poem by Machado, and she knows that in Spain there is a dilemma between who prefers a potato omelet with or without onion. What else, ‘Alexa, What saint is he today?‘is one of the most asked questions by Spanish users.


Another sign of Alexa’s good reception is the great activity she has sparked in the developer community, which has created more than 4,000 skills only in Spain, expanding its interaction and entertainment capabilities.

From the beginning, music was one of the great protagonists of Alexa’s journey in Spanish territory. Amazon Music service rang 327 million hours of music since its arrival, of which 229 million last year, which represents 70% of the total.

Among the songs that the Spaniards asked most were Camilo’s ‘Vida de rico’, ‘Baby Shark’ and the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’.


To help users feel better mentally and physically, Alexa has provided 137,000 hours of meditation in the last year through the Diana Meditation Skill, and also has the Diana Yoga Skill.

Along the same lines, Alexa recently collaborated with the Red Cross to provide symptom-related information and mental health recommendations when users ask: “Alexa, tell me about mental health”. This information and suggestions were prepared by the Red Cross itself.

Alexa is also the great ally of stove lovers, mainly thanks to Skills like the Cookpad. Last year he shared more than 796 thousand kitchen recipes, among which the traditional potato omelet, the classic sponge cake and the most sophisticated boletus risotto stand out.


If you want to know even more, you can say ‘Alexa, I want to know more about you ‘ to learn more about voice service.

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