Alexa, OnlyFans, Metaverse and Revolut: Day 1 of Web Summit 2022

With the preliminaries done, Web Summit 2022 kicked off this Wednesday. The most popular edition of the technology event takes place in Lisbon, and the first day was full of interesting conversations.

4gnews was there, and in this article I tell you about some of the talks that most caught our attention. From Amazon Alexa to OnlyFans and Revolut to the metaverse.

Amazon Alexa, with Rohit Prasad

The first day of the Web Summit began with a topic that could not be more dear to us: virtual attendees. Amazon’s Alexa is one of the main symbols in this field.

Went with rohit prasad, senior vice president of Amazon and chief scientist of Alexa who opened this first day. The focus of the discussion was the evolution of Alexa and the so-called ambient intelligence.

rohit prasad
Rohit Prasad, Amazon Senior Vice President and Alexa Chief Scientist

The Amazon Echo, smart speaker, ended up being highlighted as the “first incarnation” of this ambient intelligence and also the “most obvious”. Asked about the most important sensor, the executive highlighted the power of the microphone.

It is this ambient intelligence that is guiding the development of Amazon’s artificial intelligence. The goal is to be there when you need it and also to disappear when you don’t. “Alexa is not just an AI assistant, she is a trusted advisor and companion,” says the executive.

The future of OnlyFans, with Amrapali Gan

One of the most popular platforms in recent times is clearly OnlyFans. Deep down, we’ve all heard of it, but no one uses it. When the audience was asked who used the platform, few hands went up. “We are facing an audience of liars,” he heard jokingly.

To talk about this platform that is often associated with adult content, he took the stage Amrapali GanCEO of OnlyFans. “Security is at the heart of our business,” said the executive.

Figures that may surprise some people is that, according to Gan, the platform rejects about 60% of content creators who sign up. This is because they do not provide the correct information or not enough information.

The information requested from content creators on OnlyFans is your name, date of birth, email address, links to your social networks. They must also provide a photo of their ID and another photo of them holding their ID. Also, there is 3D facial recognition.

Build a real metaverse, with Herman Narula

sister narulaco-founder and CEO of unlikely wanted to bring to the Web Summit stage a refreshing perspective on the much talked about topic metaverse. And for those who do not know what the metaverse is, this explains it with a ‘pinpoint’ to Facebook (Meta).

“For me, the metaverse is about a network of interconnected realities with a fluid exchange of value between them. Facebook’s strategy prevents that from happening,” says the executive.

Narula goes further, explaining that “saying that Facebook is building the metaverse confuses the notion of what the metaverse is.” videogame.”

For Narula, Facebook is focusing on “experiences that are not engaging for the public.” Even because, says the executive, the metaverse is much more than a virtual world for video games.

Herman Narula, Co-Founder and CEO of Improbable

Revolut has a plan, with Nik Storonsky

What’s next for Revolut? Nobody better to answer than the CEO and founder of fintech Nik Storonsky. Revolut launched in 2015 and revolutionized the way money is spent and transferred.

This conversation with the CEO of Revolut comes on the day that Revolut is known to have arrived 1 million customers in Portugal. Which means that “almost 10% of Portuguese have a Revolut account”.

Of what follows Storonsky speaks in few but clear words. “New countries, new products. Polish the product and try to make it as local as possible,” he says.

💳 @NStoronskyfounder and CEO of @RevolutAppjoined us on the Center Stage to close out Day 1 of #WebSummittalking about what happens next in the fintech unicorn’s exciting journey

— Web Summit (@WebSummit) November 2, 2022

These were just some of the highlights from Day 1 of Web Summit 2022. With 26 stages spread across the venue, all relevant topics in today’s technology will continue to be covered over the next two days.

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