Alex Txikon, winter hero

At the same time of the massive expeditions, of the agglomerations and human traffic jams on the ramps of Everestthe highest colossus on the planet, or even in those of K2, and the priority of business and commercial benefits over the deepest values ​​of the mountain, there is still a hole for idealists, for purityfor those adventurers looking for the most difficult yet, new challenges, breaking barriers, exceeding limits… One of those mountaineers is Alex Txikon, a 41-year-old from Lemona, a great Himalayan who has eleven of the fourteen eight-thousanders in his record, although the number is not as important to him as the way to achieve them. Years ago Txikon directed his efforts to winter routes, a space where there are still virgin challenges, objectives on the edge of the impossible. The Basque was already part of the first expedition that he crowned in 2016 Nanga Parbat in wintera great feat that he completed together with mythical Simone Moro, his friend, another man devoted to titanic conquests.

Since then he has tried Everest three times, K2 once… And in his third attempt at Manaslu, has reached its main peak, the most complicated. Txikon holó the Mountain of Spirits with six Nepalis. This time he didn’t have Moro by his side. There is some debate as to whether it is the first or second winter to the eighth highest mountain in the world, because there was another one in January 1984, although part of that expedition was worked on in the autumn. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter that much. At least, it shouldn’t matter if we stick to his own conception of mountaineering. Txikon, in search of difficulty and truth. His name does not appear in the sports classifications, because the mountains are not a competition field, but that does not prevent him from growing as a great sport. A winter hero who makes history on the mountain.

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