Álex Palou Wins Laguna Seca with Perfect Classification

Laguna Seca marked the calendar for Alex Palou, and Saturday couldn’t have gone better for the two-time champion. Not only did he secure his third pole position of the year (and his second in a scoring race, excluding Thermal), but he managed to convert both poles into victories so far.

We’ll have to see if he repeats this success tomorrow, but for the time being, Saturday couldn’t have started any better. This was coupled with the fact that Palou touched up his two main rivals in the championship. The leader, Will Power, endured a “backfire” today, which affected him more significantly than Scott Dixon. Dixon will be starting the Monterey GP from tenth.

The classification for Q1 played a crucial role, with Palou starting strong, placed second in his group. Meanwhile, the top dog, Power, failed to beat the eighth position in his group and ultimately ended up outside the Top 12.

Given his strongest opponent’s weaker performance, the Spanish driver refused to let an opportunity pass him by. He even secured second position on his first stint with the hard tyres and then stole the top spot on his second attempt after installing the soft ones. This showed him as the best overall lap yet at the time, with Hertha being the other strong challenger in this category.

For the Fast Six, the stage seemed set as a duel between Palou and Hertha. However, in this decisive moment, Palou surpassed his compatriot in what was to become the dominant performance so far this weekend.

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Palou then beat Hertha yet again with a simply breathtaking turn behind new softs. “The track conditions were complicated due to wind, and the car was on rails – and we had the best position coming out, and we know what it is to have those first laps clear. We were working well all weekend long… We had a sensational car from the beginning of this weekend,” revealed the Catalan during his post-run TV interview.

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