Álex Márquez forgets “a treacherous motorcycle”

Alex Marquez he suffered a total of 21 falls in all of 2022, seven of them in the race. The confidence of the two-time champion was affected at various times and he came to think that he had forgotten to drive. “There were moments on the bike where he said: ‘I don’t know how to go,'” acknowledged the Spaniard, but the only active rider who has currently managed to become Moto3 and Moto2 champion decided to bet on his talent along with ducati. He said goodbye to Honda after three frustrating years, saving the exception of the two podiums (at Le Mans and MotorLand) with the official team and set out for a new challenge with the best bike on the grid, where he knew that excuses were not valid. Although they have not even been necessary.

They have only completed three days of testing, but at Ducati they are already “very happy with the preseason (finished ninth less than half a second off the lead and ahead of his brother Marc) what are you doing”. Davide Tardozzi, team manager of the Italian brand, recognized in motorsport that the work being done by the youngest of the Márquez is leaving a good taste in their mouths and he emphatically emphasizes that “This year it will be clear why Álex is a two-time world champion.” The Italian is convinced that the Desmosedici “can enhance some of its strong points” such as “braking and corner entry”. And as relevant as that, is that the two-time champion also continues to accumulate security on that same bike.

Not a single fall has suffered Álex during the testing period, something unpredictable during his time at Honda. At the handlebars of the RC213V “you never knew exactly what was going to happen next”, the pilot himself admitted, and CiabattiDucati’s sports director, believes that “after a difficult time with Honda, the fact of having a motorbike that works will give you enormous motivation to show the pilot that he is”. The Italian executive also recalls that the Spaniard “has won two World Cups” and although he believes that it must be “difficult to be the brother of an alien like Marc, At Gresini they will take great care of you” to demonstrate his best version now that he has turned the page on a motorcycle that reduced his security.

The youngest of the Márquez assures that at the handlebars of the Honda “You never knew if you were about to go off the turn or not”, something that has changed in his new team: “With the Ducati you can seek the limit in a controlled way because you feel safe on the bike.” What is the main change between the two mounts? “Feedback”: “The information that the motorcycle gives you (the Desmosedici) It is always very correct and realistic. The Honda gave you the feeling that everything was going well, but she was suddenly a traitor. For the pilot it is important to see that you can push and push and that you leave yourself a bit of a margin”. An aspect that with the Japanese bike meant taking too many risks if you wanted to find a good time, which now “it comes out more naturally”. Because despite the fact that Álex is still in the adaptation period, he is already rolling with the best of the Italian house. Why will it be…

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