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Álex, from the Commissioners: “They don’t have much idea and they improvise”

Álex, from the Commissioners: "They don't have much idea and they improvise"

Totally opposite points of view of Álex Márquez and Brad Binder on the maneuver that had both as protagonists in the first corner of the Mugello sprint. The Spaniard received a slight whiplash from his Ducati under braking, he opened up to pass through the curve, the South African kept the line on the inside and, when Álex tried to return to the inside, he found the lost place, they touched and it was he who fell to the ground. A ruined race for the Gresini Racing man, but also for the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing man, because on the third lap it was announced that the Panel of Commissioners was punishing him for this action with a long lap that complicated his race, to the point that nothing it could have been eleventh.

Álex’s version of what happened is this: “Aside from that, it has been a very positive day because we have done a very good job, being able to get rid of that bad taste in our mouths that we had from yesterday, and we have done a great job. But, once again, we have been involved in a touch and I have fallen. Or they have thrown me, that’s how it is. Nothing more to do, turn the page and tomorrow we have another chance”. And about the sanction to Binder, he said: “Well, in the end it is what they wanted to put me in Le Mans and I do not think it is fair because in the end I did not throw anyone, I only had a touch. AND throwing someone off and ruining someone else’s race gets you the same penalty. But, well, we are in the same old ways, it seems that they don’t have much idea of ​​what to do and they improvise”.

Binder’s point of view is diametrically opposite: “I had a very good start and was into Turn 1. I felt a slight bump on the outside, and that was it. When I watched the video, it looked like Álex went a little long and then went back on the trajectory. I am keeping my line at that moment, because there were also pilots inside me. The penalty was perhaps a hasty shot from the Stewards.” And added: “I’m really sorry for Alex, but I just followed my line. I did not do anything. As a general rule I never want to influence another driver’s race, but Race Direction saw it differently. For me it’s the Stewards’ fault, but that’s how racing is. Today I felt that they took points from me”.

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