Alex Dujshebaev: “I’m ready to come back if Ribera calls me”

Álex Dujshebaev finished the year with a double victory against Barça in the Champions League. Then, absolute rest to recover from his shoulder injury that required a six-week dedication, for which he had to give up playing the European Championship, and time that he took advantage of to go through the vicarage in Zaragoza.

The week before, Álex returned to the Champions League with his team to beat Flensburg in Germany. As a curiosity: Talan Dujshebaev with Ciudad Real and now with Kielce is the only coach who has won twice at the Palau in the last ten years, and Talan himself is the only coach who in European competitions has won by more than five goals in the track of Flensburg, with Ciudad Real and now with Kielce.

In the two meritorious away victories in the Champions League (Barcelona and Flensburg) was Álex Dujshebaev, who contributed four goals to the team last Wednesday, and who commented this Monday that after his return he is “Very happy to play again without shoulder pain.” The man from Santander acknowledges, however, that “right now I still lack a bit of strength and power in the launch”, it says.

Regarding returning to the National Team, Dujshebaev is clear that “I am ready to return to Hispanics if Jordi Ribera calls me” points, and it hurts him that Spain did not win their third consecutive European title“which was so close and they deserved it because they played very well”,

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