Home Sports Alex Berenguer, new goal for Osasuna

Alex Berenguer, new goal for Osasuna

Alex Berenguer, new goal for Osasuna

Club Atlético Osasuna has been looking for reinforcements during the summer market and although one of its priority targets, Abde, could not be achieved, the Rojillo club is determined to strengthen its attack for the next winter market. In this context, the name Álex Berenguer has emerged as one of the favorites to join the ranks of Osasuna.

Osasuna’s sporting director Braulio Vázquez has put Berenguer’s name on the table as his favorite to strengthen the team. This is no stranger to the Navarresen club, as Berenguer was already active at Osasuna a few years ago. The player is currently defending the colors of Athletic Club, but his contract expires in the summer of next year.

Alex Berenguer, new goal for Osasuna

Osasuna’s plan would be to sign Álex Berenguer in January, which could allow them to acquire him at a lower price compared to the summer market. For this operation to be possible, the Athletic Club must also agree to negotiations, otherwise they risk losing him in the summer without any financial benefits.

Berenguer’s situation at Athletic Club is complicated as he has not managed to secure a permanent place in the team. His contract is about to expire and there have been no significant discussions about a possible extension. All of this makes his departure in January a very real possibility.

Osasuna, as Berenguer’s main interest, is working to ensure that this operation is completed in early January. The opportunity to meet the player who already knows the red jersey and could bring his experience and quality to the team is an exciting prospect for Osasuna fans. The winter market promises to be an interesting one for the Navarrese club and Álex Berenguer could play a key role in their plans for the future.

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