Alesi Díaz will open Joseph Fonseca concert

The singer of tropical urban music Alesi Díaz, will be in charge of opening the concert “Noche Fantasía”, by merenguero Joseph, which will take place on Wednesday, November 24, at 8:30 pm, at the Coliseum from Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot.

The Puerto Rican artist also announced the premiere of the merengue “La nota”, which will be part of the repertoire that he will perform in this artistic show.

“I feel more than grateful for the great opportunity that both Joseph and his team have given me to be in charge of the opening of the concert. Joseph has supported my career from the beginning and together we recorded the song ‘My first day without you, which was very well received. I know that the public will enjoy my participation in the concert, as we will put on a great show that will include dancers and other surprises, ”said Alesi.

The most recent

Alesi’s first record production includes her most recent single “La Nota”, a catchy, danceable track that invites us to celebrate life. Its production is available for download on all digital platforms.

That is why he affirms that 2022 will be an important year for his career, since he will also release his second musical album and will continue working hard to keep the tropical genre alive, as he has done in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and other countries that like music. merengue and tropical music.

With the contagious refrain “I want to drink, I want to dance, everyone left to hesitate”, the urban tropical singer Alesi Díaz welcomes Christmas, a song made for the best time of the year. It is the responsibility of Alesi and its musical arrangement was in charge of maestro Richard Marcell.

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“Within sobriety, each one lives his own note and this song was composed two weeks after the confinement due to the pandemic. This song was a catharsis for me, as I was desperate, like many people, to want to party and share with my family and friends. Thus was born ‘La Nota’, which, without knowing it, would become the ‘Christmas party’ of my first album, which also bears his name, “said the singer, while adding that in the coming weeks he will release the video musical of this subject.

With this single Alesi closes a cycle, since it will be his last song that he is going to promote from this first album. With the new year, a new album is coming where I will be including various rhythms, without leaving aside the essence of merengue and the tropical genre, which he is so passionate about.

Alesi Díaz will continue to work hard to keep the tropical genre alive and is more than ready for the new year 2022 to conquer the public with his voice and talent and obtain his seat on the Puerto Rican musical staff.

The song “La Nota” is available for download on all digital platforms, both in its original version and in “club remix”.


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