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Alert for Montjuïc!

Alert for Montjuïc!

The temporary transfer to the Olympic mountain Montjuïc carries an unavoidable risk such as relegation present publicly throughout the season. This happened last Sunday against Atlético de Madrid, when the worst attendance of the season was recorded, and This week the risk is repeated against league leaders Girona.

The ticket sales rate does not encourage optimism for the time being. Only the tickets for the cheapest section are sold out, from the north gate with prices of 69 and 74 eurosas can be seen on the FC Barcelona website.

For this meeting Prices range from grandstand tickets from 169 euros to 75 euros. which are still present corresponding to the corners.

The game between FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid gathered 34,568 spectatorseven though it was one of the greatest games in the league.

Girona is a rival with plenty of incentive due to its brilliant play and the fact that it shares top spot with Real Madrid Disabilities are important.

Bad schedule

For the beginning, on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. It is the time that traditionally attracts fewer people.. On this occasion it must be added that it is the end of usa long five day bridge and could lead to many fans preferring to watch the game at home beforehand is set to return to work on Monday.

The cold can also reduce the influx. Although the forecast indicates a moderate temperature of around ten degrees for this time of year, the icy feeling at Montjuïc is increasing due to the altitude and humidity.

FC Barcelona has 17,064 subscribers this season with the move to Lluís Companys and it remains to be seen how many of them will come to attend the meeting.

Girona fans

As for Girona, The club members have sold out around 300 tickets for the visiting teams at a price of 30 euros. This pact brings together 17 of the 20 LaLiga teams. Only Real Madrid, Villarreal and Rayo Vallecano have not joined this initiative.

The Girona members who were unlucky in the draw or the rest of the Girona fans They have to check out like any other fan and their answer is unknown.

In any case, Barça needs the public’s support to overcome a game of great importance for the league. Against Atlético, although the Lluís Companys were not full, the fans pushed forward and helped to get the three essential points so as not to lose their heads.

There are still four days until the game and the last minute push can help for Culers or Gironins who are encouraged to witness a very attractive Catalan derby.

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