Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay win in a memorable final

Asunción already has its first winners of a WPT tournament. His Paraguay Open is won by the couples that he dominates this start of the seasonCoello and Tapia, the one who has won all four and brings their streak of matches without defeat to 17 (21-1 overall for the year), and Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay (12 wins in three consecutive tournaments).

The men’s final was a seen and not seen. Tapia and Coello passed over Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk without any hesitation, with a game that went from defense to attack without pause: they saved shots that were impossible for others and turned the situation around without pause. The reach of Tapia and Coello is simply total, and they are also going through an impressive state of form. It is the second time they have defeated their rivals in a WPT final, the only ones that have won them in the year (Doha Premier Major final), but on this occasion it was almost an abuse, with a 6-2 and 6-1 that speaks for itself of a couple hungry for titles and with Coello entering the group of the chosen ones with that fourth victory, one more than the previous full year .

Before the men’s final was played the women’s, which was a memorable match when an easier victory for Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar was expected. There were only two sets, but two long hours and at breakneck speed: 7-6 and 7-6. Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría had their options in the two sleeves after raising a 5-2 and a 4-1 and although for the memory the backhand remains simple for her that crashes into the net a meter from Paula Josemaría, and that it was the shot to force the third set, the truth is that the couple added too many unforced errors against Ale and Gemma who take advantage of everything, who give away little and who in the end have in Salazar the player who jumps at times more unexpected. It was the 20th final between the two couples, 15 for the winners, who take three out of every four final matches in which they meet, and which raise their number one of the year.

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