Home Sports Aleix: “There should be ‘airfence’ on all sides”

Aleix: “There should be ‘airfence’ on all sides”

Aleix: “There should be 'airfence' on all sides”

9th finished Aleix Espargaro the first day of the Portuguese GP, therefore with direct access to Q2 and despite having the scare in his body due to the accident of his brother Pol a quarter of an hour from the end of Practice 2. The Aprilia man spoke later with the clarity and forcefulness that characterizes him, making it very clear that he did not understand that in that turn 10 there was no air defense.

-How are you, what do you know about your brother and how do you go out on the track with 14 minutes to go with Pol at the circuit clinic?

-Well, in the end, unfortunately, it’s something you end up getting used to. I’ve shared life or work, call it what you want, with Pol for many years and it’s not the first time it’s happened to him, so it’s hard and complicated, but it always is when a colleague falls and the ambulance shows up and puts up the tarpaulins. And if it’s your brother, it’s even more complicated, but it’s our job and we have to be professional, even if it costs a lot sometimes.

-How do you explain that at that point, in turn 10, there is no air defense and that it hit the tires, which are like a wall?

-I don’t understand it, but I’m not the one who has to give this explanation. With these bikes you go very fast and there should be airfence on all sides.

-Speaking with Márquez, he told us that you can’t wait for the airfence to be put up next year, that you have to put it up tomorrow.

-Obviously, yes, yes, but not there, everywhere. You won’t be able to do the bigger circuits, because they are what they are, but Pol’s fall from 10 also hits the wall as a result of 9, because it is a very fast downhill curve, which I do with the limiter on fourth gear because, with so much downforce, with so many wings, you fly in the center of the curve today with these bikes. So, straight-to-straight circuits fall short. The maximum speed is always the same because with so much load you don’t go over 350 or 360, but the problem is that we reach 280 or 300 with 400 meters of straight. That means there has to be airfence on all sides.

Have you talked to Pol?

-No. I ran at the end of the session and I was already in the helicopter. Yes, I have seen Ángel Charte and I thank him again for being here. That freaks me out because of how he takes care of the pilots and the tranquility he transmits to you. He told me that he had not been intubated and that this was a good sign, because it was not that serious, but that my brother complained of a lot, a lot of pain and Pol is a very strong guy, much more than me in this sense. . He was in so much pain that they had to sedate him, because of the back and vertebrae, and he also had a very severe bruise on his lung that this is more worrying and that is why they have decided to take him away by helicopter.

-The positive thing is that he had mobility in his arms and legs…

-Yes Yes. It seemed that she was moving all right, that she was in a lot of pain, but that she was moving all right and this is good.

-Otherwise, how has the day gone?

-Good. The truth is that a little surprised, because I have found better than I expected. Regarding the test, I was much faster with the race tyre. And with the soft I did 1:38 on lap 15 and I was a bit surprised. Before the red flag I was first and then I ran into Marc’s yellow flag and I couldn’t improve. I felt very comfortable today and I think we are ready to fight with the best.

– How about the arm?

-Good. No problem.

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