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Aleix: “It is confirmed that it is a circuit where I can attack”

Aleix: “It is confirmed that it is a circuit where I can attack”

He looked satisfied Aleix Espargaro at the conclusion of the first day of the Australian MotoGP GP. He was seventh, just ahead of Bagnaia and three places behind Quartararo, his main rival in the fight for the title.

-How was the day?

Well, the truth is that I felt very well. After Japan and Thailand, two circuits in which I was not super, here I found myself with normal tires and the truth is that I felt good.

-Is it confirmed that it is a circuit where you can attack?

Yes, yes, it is confirmed. The truth is that I have been competitive and I have felt good and that today it was easy to make a mistake, with cold, a lot of air and with the track wet at the beginning so I have been relatively calm, but the pace has been good. Tomorrow I hope to take another step forward and fight with the best on Sunday.

-How do you see the competition? The three fighting for the title are ahead…

-I was perhaps expecting a faster pace from Fabio, who was fast on the fastest lap, but instead the pace was not ‘mega’, and Pecco was not super constant either, so we are very similar, but today the conditions were really complicated and I think that tomorrow everyone will improve.

-Is the fact that a higher temperature is expected tomorrow linked to taking more risks?

-No, in the end if there is less air and more temperature you raise the level of demand for driving, but it lowers the level of risk, because here the problem is that with the cold the temperature of the tires drops and it is difficult to drive with the air and today, for example, I was going to the limit and I wasn’t going faster because with the soft front tire I can’t go. Only Marc has ridden the hard one and we didn’t have enough temperature, so tomorrow with the front hard tire we will take a big step forward.

-Maverick is in front, can he be a real help here?

-Yes, I hope you can help me because Maverick here has always had very good races, in 2019 it was a brutal fight with Marc until the end, when he made a small mistake, but Maverick here always goes very fast and today we have been quite even in terms of pace and fast lap. I hope you can help me on Sunday.

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