Aleix: “He’s lost and we have to go on the attack yes or yes”

Despite being 27 points behind the head that ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia now occupies and being twelve plus one behind Fabio Quartararo, Aleix Espargaro does not throw in the towel on his arrival at the Malaysian GP.

-With what mentality do you arrive at the weekend?

-Well, I’m a positive guy and I’ve learned, especially this year, that in every negative scenario there is always a positive part, although sometimes it’s hard to find it. My feeling, being frank, is that we have lost everything and that we have to go on the attack yes or yes. And I think that when you drive without pressure, without tension and at full throttle, as I did for example in Holland and in other Grand Prix, you bring out your best version.

-That thing you said the other day that perhaps in Aprilia they are not yet ready to win the World Championship, was it a hot reflection or is it something they share inside the box?

-Perhaps I should have kept it to myself, this is clear, and used it internally in my team, but it is the feeling I have. Just as when throughout the season I have applauded them for the leap they have made this year in Aprilia, after Australia, and not for Australia, but for the last four or five races, I have had the feeling that when they twist a little things, or that we go to a circuit in which we do not have data, we lose a lot of time, we are very slow to advance, we have made mistakes like the one in Japan, which I do not remember from other MotoGP teams, so I still argued it a little aggressive and I should have done it in a more constructive way for the future, but that’s the feeling I have. This year we have not been up to the level of Ducati and Pecco.

-And isn’t it a consolation to see that in that situation they are also in Yamaha, and that perhaps it is more a virtue of Ducati and the situation they have with so many motorcycles?

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– It can be, yes, it can be. One of the things that we have talked about these days with the team is this fact. For example, at the tire level, if you have eight motorcycles you can work much more, have a lot of data. That is why when they asked me a lot about the satellite team, it was very important to me, not because there are four bikes, two more on the track, but to be able to take advantage of this situation and if I continue to be Aprilia’s number 1 rider, I can benefit from it. . So I think next year will be a little easier.

-What must be done so that this year is not an oasis in the desert but a springboard to be champion next year?

-That’s exactly what I was referring to with Australia’s statements, in the sense that we must try to learn from it. And it is clear that not only for Aprilia, but also for me, it has been all new. So despite all this we have managed to win the championship that we have done, that we are going to exceed 200 points, I think that for the future it will come in handy.

-We arrived in Malaysia, the first place where everyone said “how’s Aprilia, how’s Aleix”. That test has to work, right?

-Definitely. A test is a test, it is not a race, but we were very fast for one lap, I did an extremely fast half race simulation. So go ahead, I have nothing to lose. We are going to start to be very fast and try to qualify on the front row, and then on Sunday all or nothing.

-And in addition to doing well, do you need a miracle?

-No, I think I still depend on myself. If I get a podium or win here, and cut five, eight or ten points, in Valencia we have seen that anything can happen. That’s why I think it’s very important to take the championship to Valencia, because there could be a dramatic blow there.

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