Home Sports Aleix García, free option for Barcelona midfielder

Aleix García, free option for Barcelona midfielder

Aleix García, free option for Barcelona midfielder

He Barcelona He has been thinking for a long time about the sports planning for the next season, keeping in mind a series of signings to continue taking steps forward in that sporting reconstruction whose main objective is to restore greatness to the Camp Nou as a whole, seeking at the same time to take advantage of those opportunities that the transfer market can offer, such as that of the midfielder of the Girona, Alex Garcia.

The Spanish player ends his contract with his current club on June 30, thus being able to negotiate his possible arrival at zero cost to the Barcelonathinking Xavi Hernandez in the signing of the Catalan footballer, who throughout his career has gone through various clubs such as Manchester City, Mouscron, FC Dinamo, Eibar or Gironabeing in the latter in which he has ended up offering his best version, which can lead him to play in the Barcelona starting next season.

The player is loved

However, Alex Garcia is not only in the spotlight of the Barcelonasince LaLiga clubs like Athletic or Valencia, as well as other teams from other major European leagues They would also have paid more or less attention to the 25-year-old Spanish footballer, who after playing a total of 30 games this season in which he has scored a goal and six assists, would be facing the great opportunity of his career as part of the team blaugrana for 2023/2024.

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