There are a lot of football fans in the paddock of MotoGP, especially Barça fans predominating, so there is a constant healthy rush with the madridistas present, quite a few but very happy in recent times. Therefore, he was not caught by surprise. Aleix Espargaro AS’s usual question about Manchester City’s elimination of its admired Pep Guardiola and the next European Cup final that Real Madrid will play against Liverpool. The oldest of the Espargaró was sympathetic in his response: “I’ve been from Liverpool since I was the age of my son Max, (who was on his knees while attending the Spanish press in the Le Mans paddock). It is exaggerated. I’ve been from Liverpool since I was little.”

“I had a hard time sleeping that night,” Aleix also assured after telling what he finds most admirable about Madrid’s comebacks: “They are miracles, but there is one thing I would like to say. I don’t know who I read to who said they are miracles, yes, but miracles that always They do it time after time. You have to believe and you have to be there. They believe and they are there. That is brutal and the magic of sport. You have to believe until the end, because everything can happen. If you talk about justice at a football level, City deserved to pass, but this is not about football justice but about who scores the goals. Madrid believed until the end and what Real Madrid is experiencing is very beautiful, because it believes until the end and is an example for everyone”.

Another illustrious culé is Marc Márquez, with which AS is very frequent, and when we finished talking about Suzuki and his chances for this French GP, we told him that we better not talk about football this time, and he said laughing as he went to attend to the televisions : “I’m so jealous of you. Fortunately, tennis with Alcaraz consoles me.” And so much, because he was present at the Mutua Open in Madrid and had a wonderful time with the spectacular Murcian tennis player.


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