Ale Galán and the challenge of 1

The 2021 season of the World Padel Tour will have a practically unbeatable ending. The 16 most outstanding players of the year meet at the Madrid Arena from today until Sunday to decide who is the best duo of the season in the Masters Tournament, since everything is open. Ale Galán (number one in the ranking) and Juan Lebrón are the best couple … but Paquito Navarro and Martín Di Nenno have options to snatch that honor from him to end the year.

With the regular season over, Madrid will decide, although it is true that Galán and Lebrón are the ones who depend on themselves: winning the tournament, or losing the final to a couple other than Navarro-Di Nenno, Among other combinations, they would achieve it, but Galán does not think about it. “We are going to go all out in the home tournament (it is from Leganés), without looking at the ranking, although obviously it is one of the objectives to close the year”, Galán account during his visit to AS.

At 25 years old, he is one of the great references of the circuit. “Being at my age at this level, and having been like this for a long time, was unimaginable”he explains with a smile. This season, together with Lebrón, he adds six titles and a leadership, cementing mainly in the first half of the campaign. “We come from playing in Argentina, Mexico … and the difference is very big because of the height and the balls, which in some cases were punctured and the beatings were really complicated, “he says.

A season in which, due to its perception and also at the data level (monitoring in networks, spectators …), it has led to a greater interest in their sport at all levels. “The rise of paddle tennis is unstoppable, and it is no longer only in Spain and Argentina. It is an addictive sport, increasingly international and that does not stop growing. Sweden, Portugal, France … are some of the countries that are raising the bar. Not long ago we were playing in Doha and there were spectators of the stature of Ronaldinho, “says Galán, a well-known Madrid player.

Despite his youth, Galán has spent a lifetime playing paddle tennis since he first picked up a shovel at the age of seven. And like him, this sport penetrates more among the Spanish, since they are about to reach 100,000 federated. “You have to continue like this, but also invest more. It continues to open a large salary gap compared to other sports.”

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Being number one in the world implies a lot of dedication, work, perseverance … “Every day I spend three hours on the track and two in the gym. What costs me the most may be food, but it is what I have to do to perform at my best”, explains Galán, who trains with Lebrón in Alcorcón. “Separate him and I? That debate has been going on almost since we got together (2020) and, while the couples above break up, we are going to more. We complete each other well and become better players, “he explains about the possible continuity of the duo for 2022.

In addition to paddle tennis, another of Galán’s great passions is Real Madrid. “I was the other day watching the duel against Inter at the Bernabéu (he is a friend of Courtois) and hopefully when the reform is finished, it will be possible to play paddle tennis at some point. I dream of playing there.” In the AS newsroom he met Tomás Roncero, who gave Galán a scarf: “Hopefully Mbappe comes,” Ale said. Now, at the Madrid Arena, he aspires to “finish off the job of the year.” A number one wanting more.

Gemma Triay and Ale Salazar, to put the icing on the cake

Unlike the masculine modality, in the female there is no possible movement on the couple that will end up at the top of the ranking. Gemma Triay and Ale Salazar are looking to put the icing on the cake for an impressive season finale. Their rivals, knowing already unattainable the first position in the championship race, close the year with the honor of being Teachers of Teachers. Today they will debut against the twins Alayeto (Majo and Mapi) in the quarterfinals (17:00). After this duel, will come the confrontation of Galán and Lebrón against Sánchez and Capra. The Madrid Arena matches can be seen on the World Padel Tour Youtube and in its App.

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