Aldosivi from Mar del Plata and Platense equalized goalless, in a match corresponding to the fourth round of the Professional Soccer League (LPF) tournament. At the José María Minella stadium in the seaside resort, the local team snapped a three-game losing streak, but they still can’t break a series of ten matches without celebrations.

For its part, the cast of Vicente López remains undefeated in the contest, although it dropped from the possibility of continuing at the top of the table, now exclusively owned by Newell’s (10).

The visiting team was closer to victory. As a result, especially in the first period, the squad led by Omar De Felippe made enough merits to find a difference in their favour.

The ‘brown’ team surprised with a tactical scheme of three men in the background (which became five when the rival attacked), a double positional axis with Villalba-Gómez and a loose tandem for the generation of the game, embodied by Zárate and Sabella.

The best scoring chances for ‘Squid’ came from the flanks with the projections of Morgantini and Infante. Thus, midfielder Iván Gómez was about to score twice. In the first, with a header that goalkeeper José Devecchi controlled well and, later, with a shot that crashed into the crossbar, after the goalkeeper brushed the ball with his fingers.

Aldosivi, managed on an interim basis by Diego Villar, showed a 5-3-2 tactical scheme, but he lacked surprise to arrive with people in the opponent’s area. The Mar del Plata cast depended a lot on what Braian Martínez could put together.

In the second half, the film slightly modified its plot. It is true, the local team advanced a few meters on the field and sought to unbalance, through the impulse of Leandro Maciel, the clearest man of the ‘Tiburón’.

The admitted Elías Torres had a clear opportunity, when he finished off in central form and allowed the reaction of the visiting goalkeeper, Marcos Ledesma. But in the final stretch of the game, Platense regained control and was -again- close to achieving victory.


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