ALD manages to reduce its CO2 footprint by 10% with its vehicle fleet

The accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is one of the main causes of global warming Cars are the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in SpainTherefore, it is important to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles to reduce the impact that every car on the road has on the environment.

In fact, according to Law 7/2021, of May 20, on Climate Change and Energy Transition: Carbon footprint registration is set to be mandatory for certain organizations in Spain. A measure that highlights both the concern about the carbon footprint of cars and the need to reduce it.

An example that can be followed can be found in the ALD landlordwhich managed to reduce the carbon footprint of its managed fleet by 10% last year. A goal set for the period 2021-2023 and largely achieved.

A Goal that I have wanted to achieve since last yearwhen it has already managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 8%, from 401,462.7 tons of CO2 emitted in 2021 by the vehicles driven by its customers, to a total of 369,364.2 tons of CO2 in 2022.

Measures taken by rental company ALD to reduce its carbon footprint in 2022

As we saw following the release of the 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, The work to decarbonize the vehicle fleet of ALD Spain employees was even more intensiveThis made it possible to reduce the CO2 emissions of our own vehicles from 566.6 tons in 2021 to 449.6 tons in 2022. The result is a reduction of no more and no less than 20.6%.

2022 was a key year in this process of reducing the carbon footprint and among the many measures implemented last year ALD has implemented new and advanced tools to calculate the annual carbon footprint. Likewise, the 2022 CSR report also highlights the rental offer for electric vehicles, where the installation of the charging station is included in the fee.

At the moment, ALD Spain is in the process of expanding the scope of the ALD forestas well as assessing possible mechanisms that will help reduce the amount of CO2 and increase the size of the alternative energy fleet.

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More than 29% of certified vehicles use alternative energy sources

Another point to highlight is that in 2022 The number of registrations of certified vehicles with alternative energy is over 29%.and this refers to pure electric vehicles, plug-in and self-charging hybrids as well as petrol models and is therefore above the industry average.

Be Electrified vehicle penetration was 13.4% last year (contribution in Spain)if the European strategic plan MOVE 2025 envisages 30% by 2025.

MOVE’s strategic plan also includes: Reducing emissions by 40% compared to 2019 records. Under the less stringent NEDC approval protocol, ALD vehicles emitted an average of 116.7 grams of CO2 per km in 2019 and now, with the much more demanding WLTP system, the amount was reduced to 114.8 grams per kilometerwhich corresponds to an improvement of 1.6%.

As a result of all implemented measures and changes in the spirit of sustainability, The company ALD Automotive has received Ecovadis Platinum certification for the third time in a rowwhich only reaches 1% of companies in the industry internationally.

On the other hand, ALD has also re-certified ISO 39001 standards for its traffic safety management system and ISO 14001 for its environmental management system.

Definitely, The ALD Automotive company has had a major impact on the rental sector over the last 30 years.which has allowed it to establish itself as one of the leading and reference companies in the market, setting new standards and promoting both the growth and development of the sector in many ways.

In this context it is It is important that companies in the rental sector offer attractive products that help them meet the European Union’s decarbonization goals to its customers, with the aim of helping to reduce the carbon footprint, which will be of great benefit to our planet.

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