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Alberto Díaz responds bluntly to Real Madrid’s Chus Mateo offer

The basketball icon from Malaga extends his contract with Unicaja until 2028, rejecting offers from giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Alberto Díaz, the talented point guard from Málaga, has made it clear that his heart and loyalty belong to Unicaja de Málaga. Despite the tempting offers he received from Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Díaz announced his contract extension with Unicaja until 2028. In an emotional press conference, the player expressed his deep love for the club and his enthusiasm for the coming season.

Díaz began by thanking Antonio and Juanma, two key figures in the contract extension process.. He emphasized the harmony and lack of pressure during the negotiations and emphasized how comfortable he felt at the club. He warmly thanked him for the support he had received and emphasized that despite the perceived length of the process, everything went without any obstacles or disagreements between both parties.

Alberto Diaz
The player expressed his deep love for the club and his enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

Alberto Díaz extends his commitment to Unicaja de Málaga until 2028

The Malaga player was in excellent physical and mental condition, full of anticipation for an exciting season. He acknowledged the passionate response of Unicaja fans and expressed his pride at being part of a long-term contract in a sports world characterized by lineup volatility.

Alberto Díaz also emphasized the personal and family significance of this renovation. He recognized himself as a reflection of his family and expressed his gratitude for the trust the club placed in him. In his opinion, the decision to stay at Unicaja was easy and he made it clear that this contract could mean the end of his career with the club he loves.

Support from family and club

Additionally, the player reflected on the importance of putting things in perspective and admitted that Although he had considered the possibility of new challenges, reality brought him back home. Ultimately, there was nothing that could tempt him to leave Málaga, thanks to the unwavering support he has received from Unicaja over the years.

Undoubtedly, the news of Alberto Díaz’s renewal shocked the basketball world. Their loyalty and commitment are examples in a sport where transfers and team changes are common.. His decision to stay at Unicaja was welcomed by the club’s fans and further strengthened his position as one of the team’s most popular players.

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