Alberto Contador promotes ‘Pedalea Contra el Stroke’

The Fundación Freno al Ictus and the Alberto Contador Foundation invite you to pedal against stroke, from October 22 to 31, in the second edition of this social, family and sports march that promotes the fight against this disease, which, in the same way as the previous one, is held in virtual format to facilitate mass participation and due to the current health situation due to COVID-19.

Both foundations promote this iInitiative to improve the situation of stroke in Spain and give visibility to the disease among the population, as well as to raise funds for social projects on information, research and inclusion of those affected. In this sense, the president of the Freno al Ictus Foundation, Julio Agredano, stressed that “this initiative will allow the raising of funds that will be used for projects that favor and improve the inclusion of the affected person in society.”

“One of the biggest problems that stroke has is the low visibility and the great ignorance about it. With ‘Pedalea contra el Stroke’ we take the disease to the streets, in order to inform about its high prevention and the importance of identifying it in time “, said Agredano. The organizers stressed that it is not a competitive race, since ‘Pedalea contra el Stroke’ is a popular march to which family and friends are invited to participate and join the fight against the disease.

This initiative It has the experience of RPM-MKTG as an organizer and with the endorsement and recognition of social interest from the Freno al Ictus Foundation and the Spanish Neurology Society. Former cyclist Alberto Contador is the godfather of the march. “This next October 29 we will put more value on a disease such as stroke, about which every day there is greater social awareness thanks to the work of many institutions, professionals and groups that work very hard both to make it known and to generate healthy habits with which to avoid it so as to investigate its impact and combat its consequences once it has occurred, “said Alberto Contador.

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The Former cyclist from Pinto (Madrid) admitted that there is still much to do, but that “important steps” have been taken in recent years. “The situation is different, the restrictions on mobility are far from the same as last year at this time, but our idea of ​​turning ‘Pedalea contra el Ictus’ into a physical, face-to-face event still has to wait a bit. While that is possible, we once again believe in this formula through which we will raise money to be allocated entirely to social projects linked to stroke, “he said.

As a result of The success of the first edition of the solidarity action ‘Pedalea contra el Stroke’, the Freno al Ictus Foundation and the Alberto Contador Foundation, gave Sport 4,241.79 euros to DCA. In this second edition, ‘Pedalea contra el Stroke’ will be held in virtual format, offering participants the opportunity to join at any time during the period from October 22 to 31, coinciding with World Stroke Day, the October 29th.

The Stroke affects 120,000 families a year in Spain and is the leading cause of death in women, the leading global cause of acquired disability in adults and is the second cause of dementia after Alzheimer’s. However, it is a highly preventable and treatable disease, with 90 percent of strokes being preventable with the modification of life habits linked to personal health promotion.

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