Albacete 1 – Oviedo 0: summary, result and goals

Kawaya leaves Bolo touched

The changes have worked perfectly for Albés. because they have achieved win at home for the second time in the season and consequently Oviedo has lost away from home, something that had not happened this season. Victory that enlivens the dream of the people of La Mancha, and leaves Bolus indicated.

Because this is already gone eight consecutive days in which the Asturians did not win. And the fault has been Dubai Y kawaya. In minute 85, the two newcomers have invented a great goal. The 16 he planted himself in the left zone of the area, glued to the post and, after getting rid of his mark, he hits a horizontal pass to the Belgian who, by spurgave victory to the people of La Mancha.

But the celebration had to wait. Because the match referee, García Verdura, disallowed the goal for offside at the start of the play. But VAR He warned him that there was no infraction and Albacete went crazy.

And he did it because he match has been close. Both teams have dominated at different stages of the match. Those from Bolo stood out more in the first part, but three clear chances for Albés at the end of that time warned of his potential. In fact, they came out better in the second half, until Bolo’s changes made up for the game again. But they lacked clearer opportunities.

Until the end of the day, the Albacete and the Oviedo They stand between heaven and hell.

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